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Its A Season Explosion


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Morning crawls along slowly across the deep blue sky.

Rough winds have since shaken every bud standing unflinchingly.

Its summer time!

Buds have exploded into beautiful flowers

carrying so much energy that overpowers

The air is filled with irresistible redolence,

oozing of delicious fragrances.

The streets are colorfully laced with happy faces

of children dancing and running with upbeat paces.

Ladies looking gorgeous and bright,

dressing up for summer is their delight

Temperature is is getting high

‘cos summer spirit is really fly

Grab your drink lady!

The guys are now at the brink

taking turns to dive into the pool

for two reasons with the same word-COOL

Its summer time!

Trees still retain every leaf

without any trouble or grief

although some of the leaves are fast turning gold

they make the trees appear to stand bold.

The cool evening breeze sweeps through the entire region

carrying along every debris forming a legion

but there is still joy and warmth in the hearts of many

Its summer time!

The trees are beginning to hum a gentle lullaby

like a singing assembly of angels standing by

waiting to usher everyone into the land of sweet dreams.

Fire flies flicker their tiny light

as they graciously dance away into the night

The moon lazily drags itself to the center of the sky

letting down amazing light rays as it smiles so dry

Its summer time!




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