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Photo taken by Martha Samuel


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 P-Portrait of people whether in peace or pain

H-Holder of memories

O-Open secret but at the same time a

T-Treasure chest with an

O-Outburst of true emotions captured.

G-Generations fully

R-Represented through this


P– Perfect and pleasing pocket to preserve

H-Happy and sad moments from

Y-Years gone by.

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My Father, My Friend

Abba father,

Beautiful you are

Creative in everyway

Dedicated to detail

Efficient is your personality

Faithful in little things

God the father is your name

Highest cannot be enough to describe your throne and office

Indescribable is your might

Justice and love is your heart

Kind even to someone like me

Lover of creation

Me especially

Never will you let the enemy destroy me

Out of your overflowing love, you

Poured out the most precious thing you have

Quickly even to death on the cross as a

Ransom for me!

Stupid! A foolish man will

Think, but he will never

Understand the

Vastness and depth of the love you have for me.

With the whole of my life, worshipping you is all I will do

Xchange? No payment is enough for what you have done for me

You deserve the highest praise Abba father

Zeeeee does not mean I have stopped worshipping you,

it goes on and on and on……..

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On the Island of Camara not too long ago, Lived a beautiful princess called Isioma. She was the fairest of all the maidens in the land.

The tale of her beauty had begun to spread very quickly as she continued to grow day by day. Soon, her father, the all-powerful king Sensowa began to get worried about the safety of his daughter. So, he employed the services of two hefty young men Aperto and Shittu to be her bodyguards wherever she went. Now, princess Isioma was very kind to her bodyguards, she treated them with so much respect. For this reason, the guards loved her so much, and could do anything to protect her. The trio soon understood each other so well that they became like triplets. None ate or drank anything without keeping a portion for the other. Because Isioma was a princess, she was entitled to monthly allowances for her make-up and other personal things.

On the other hand, Aperto and Shittu were paid to keep Isioma safe. Whenever Isioma got a raise in her monthly allowance, she also insisted that her guards got a raise too.

Her father ‘s saw the closeness and the cordial relationship that existed between Isioma and her guards, he was very pleased then he decided that when ever Isioma got any raise, the guards got too because they kept his daughter safe and happy.

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Photo by Martha Samuel

The earth is full of your creation

The waters, land and sky all teeming with creatures without number.

From the hardest rock to the quiet silky spring,

From the biggest mouth filled with laughter

To the smallest tear drop, expressing pain from a broken heart,

The whole earth radiates your beauty

Your glory reigns forever.

Teach me your way oh Lord,

Show me how to see through your eyes,

That I may bring praise to you through what I do

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Gangster Granny



White T-shirt with blue flowers and neckline,

Sitting in front of her house receiving the sunshine,

Mahogany colored khaki pants,

Giving her an exceptional look like she doesn’t have wants.

Nice slim but strong shoulders,

They sure don’t look like boulders.

Elegant but faded beads,

Proudly placed around the thin neck and arm that leads.

Even in her old age, she still possesses some of her grace and beauty.

She dressed this way for past 57 years, since her lover answered the call of duty.

Her beautiful, radiant skin has since faded from years of sitting under the sun.

She stares at the long dusty hoping that someday her love will return.

“Angel eyes” he always called her, but now the eyes have sunken deep into their sockets, just from years of watching the old and dusty road.

Lips that were once very smooth, silky and luscious have now become thin, cracked and rugged.

Her cute little face is now covered with hard wrinkled skin, one that has endured so many harsh weathers.

The Red Ribbon on her head is a piece of her lover’s clothing, she had made into a fancy hairpiece. Over the years, she had used it to style her now wooly gray hair.

She sits like this in front of her house because it reminded her of how he sad when he was still around. Two things that belonged to him that have stood the test of time are his glasses and his cigar.

She wears the glasses everyday, wishing she could see him through them someday, and she holds the cigar in between her thin lips because its smell reminded her of his breath.

Loneliness, deep hurt has consumed her being. She is merely just alive, but in reality, she had died a million times

Although she has lost her feminine features, she still prides herself in the fact that she is a woman who is determined to keep her vows till her dying day.

Kids in the neighborhood call her hippy, others call her gangster granny because of how she looks and d way she sits,she doesn’t mind at all, all she wants in this life is to see him one more time and kiss his lips before she dies.

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