On the Island of Camara not too long ago, Lived a beautiful princess called Isioma. She was the fairest of all the maidens in the land.

The tale of her beauty had begun to spread very quickly as she continued to grow day by day. Soon, her father, the all-powerful king Sensowa began to get worried about the safety of his daughter. So, he employed the services of two hefty young men Aperto and Shittu to be her bodyguards wherever she went. Now, princess Isioma was very kind to her bodyguards, she treated them with so much respect. For this reason, the guards loved her so much, and could do anything to protect her. The trio soon understood each other so well that they became like triplets. None ate or drank anything without keeping a portion for the other. Because Isioma was a princess, she was entitled to monthly allowances for her make-up and other personal things.

On the other hand, Aperto and Shittu were paid to keep Isioma safe. Whenever Isioma got a raise in her monthly allowance, she also insisted that her guards got a raise too.

Her father ‘s saw the closeness and the cordial relationship that existed between Isioma and her guards, he was very pleased then he decided that when ever Isioma got any raise, the guards got too because they kept his daughter safe and happy.


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